Svetlomir Slavchev

General manager
Cheh 99 LTD

Bilateral Meetings

  • May 11, 2015 (11 AM - 2PM)
Cheh - Yosif Novosad Ltd is located in Sokolovo, Bulgaria. The company's
name is associated with high quality meat products. Through the years it has
managed to gain costumers's trust and to promote new tendencies and recipes on
the market all around the country as well as to creat traditions. The productions
quality has never been compromised at the company's own slaughterhouse. It
was built in 1992-1993 and employs over 100 qualified workers. Modern
professional equipment and highly technological lines have been implemented
and used in the meat processing plant. By utilizing a SAPARD grant Cheh -
Yosif Novosad Ltd has purchased a modern line of Fessmann, Germany.
Cheh 99 Ltd started its milk-processing business in 1999 when the dairy plant in
village of Sokolovo, Dryanovo municipality was opened. It is located right next
to the meat-producing factory. The main purpose of the undertaking was to
complete the cycle from animal husbandry to meat and milk production. Before
opening the Sokolovo dairy plant, the milk from the company's own dairy cattle
was delivered to the local milk-collecting centres. After that things have changed
and the milk from over 200 company-owned cows, bred in the village, is
processed in the dairy. This ensures the production of high quality dairy
products. There has been growing demand for the dairy prodcuts of CHEH
company. This is due to the combination of ecological pure milk from Dryanovo
region, modern technologies used in the enterprise and centuries-long tradiotions
that the highly professional staff stick to and all this results in the unique taste of
the products. Last year Cheh 99 Ltd has opened a second dairy plant with new
high-technological UF line.
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CityVeliko Tarnovo, Nikola Gabrovski №43 Google map
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    Fresh and delicious meat and dairy products

    UHT milk, white brined cheese, kashkaval, delicacy cheeses