Andrej Kravčuk

Head of Key Account Sales
Cube Risk Management Solutions

Bilateral Meetings

  • May 11, 2015 (11 AM - 2PM)
DescriptionCUBE Risk Management Solutions is a company that provides business information and credit risk services. We provide risk assessment, reporting and monitoring services, market analysis, competition and trade intelligence to a large number of companies that are involved with their business on Serbian market, plan their expansion within this region or investigate their competition’s presence in Serbia.
Organization Type SME,
CityBelgrade, Jurija Gagarina 28 Google map
Areas of Activities


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    Sector Analysis, Competitive Analysis

    Sector Analysis

    We deliver sector analysis on several levels of data depth. Our team of experienced analysts provides customizable service that will fit to your exact needs. Whether you need information on monthly sales of their competition in product volume and value, market shares of key players, risk assessment for the complete sector, or plans acquisition and needs deep understanding of the market – we deliver precise information and data.