Imre Szijj

Export manager

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  • May 11, 2015 (11 AM - 2PM)
DescriptionGYERMELYI - Hungary's market leader company in pasta, wheat & egg production
Our pasta factory has started production in 1971 making its products with fresh eggs, what we produce ourselves ever since. From the 80's the Gyermelyi brand is clearly the market leader in Hungary. Between the completely automathised store and comissioner we do own two mills on our plant in [HU2821] Gyermely, which provides from self-grown wheat high quality pasta-flour. The ongoing professional quality and concious brand buliding started in the 90's turned the "Gyermelyi Pasta" into one of the most well known brands of the region. To ensure highest quality we achieved complete vertical integration, using self-produced rawmaterials, we became able to control and trace the whole product life cycle. All our processes are monitored in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 regulations. We are selling our goods all over Europe and have some overseas partners as well picking up their goods prefereably with EXW conditions. 
Organization Type Public agency
CityGyermely, Bajnai út 1. Google map
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    Merchants / Wholesaler partnership in Serbia & Croatia

    We produce and sell high quality pasta, wheat and eggs throughout Europe

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    1. Sales / Distribution

    High quality pasta, wheat & eggs

    High quality Hungarian products sold throughout Europe

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    1. Sales / Distribution